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Authenticity Is the Currency of the Digital Era

🍋 A post about authenticity, stepping out of your online marketing bubble plus an ever-applicable SEO checklist.

June 2019 Digest & Bookmarks

🔖 The coolest web resources I found in June. And of course my monthly retrospect with beautiful photos.

Each Day of My Life Is a Struggle

🐘 Someone dear to me gained a completely different picture of myself. Apart from who I am. That I want to address.

May 2019 Digest & Bookmarks

🔖 The greatest online resources I found in May. A showcase of curated content, so to speak.

Building My First PWA for a Conference

📲 Without much time left I created an event app. I believe PWAs are perfect for this kind and they are the future — find out why!

April 2019 Digest & Bookmarks

📰 I have set myself a feasible goal every month. Read on to find out more and likewise discover my top bookmarks from April 2019.