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How to pronounce GIF properly

🗣 For decades the Internet controversy on how to pronounce the infinite-loop image format rages. Who is winning the race: /ɡɪf/ or /ʤɪf/?

Flaws on 98 Percent of the Most Visited Websites

♿️ Detected flaws include low-contrast texts and missing alternative texts for images. As a result, the Internet becomes inaccessible for many people with disabilities.

Fixing Fiverr’s Layout Problem With One Line of CSS

👨‍💻 The aspect ratio of gig images on is displayed incorrectly. This affects every provider. Correctable in just one line of code!

Accessible Websites Are Mandatory in Norway

♿️ Accessibility should not be a privilege but a fundamental right. This is what I wrote about in my fragment for the KATAPULT Magazine.

Coronavirus Simulation: A Tangible Visualisation

📊 This simple simulation was created in mid-March. It shows how social distancing helps to slow down the spread of viruses.

November Til Februar: Digest & Bookmarks

🔖 It’s a big stretch. I made a change of work from agency to KATAPULT Magazine and am now living once again a little more vocation as profession.