Flaws on 98 Percent of the Most Visited Websites

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Accessibility has become a matter of the heart for me. Therefore, I was pleased to have published another article on this topic in the last issue of the KATAPULT-Magazin.

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Fragment on a Study by the Organisation Web Accessibility in Mind

»In February 2020, the non-profit organisation WebAIM (Web Accessibility in Mind) evaluated the accessibility of the one million most visited websites in the world. Findings show how inaccessible the internet presently is for people with disabilities: 98.1 percent of all start pages have measurable barriers. Compared to the previous year, the level has thus remained virtually unchanged. Examples of identified shortcomings are low-contrast texts, missing alternative texts for images and missing captions for form fields.

The study was conducted on the basis of an international standard for accessible web content (WCAG 2). If this standard is met, a website is accessible to people with sensory and motor impairments – among other things, it must be navigable with a keyboard. An automated disability simulator from WebAIM was used for the analysis. The programme detects obstacles in accessibility as well as a lack of compliance with the guideline. Only about a quarter of all guideline violations are detected automatically. This means that the number of errors is probably significantly higher.«

First published in issue 18 of the KATAPULT-Magazin.

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