My First Job Change as a Developer

Deadwood surrounded by water
When my girlfriend and I went for a walk in December, this view extended to the left of the road towards Murchin.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked after my blog. Time to change that: I’d like to write more, let “much going on” to be an excuse, and especially publish this draft (which hasn’t been touched for over a month). My experiences and link list are piling up...

Time Flies — but Why?

According to one theory among many, our perception of time is based on how many new things are stored in our memory. We only consciously perceive time as such when we have stored something new. As the number of new experiences decreases with age, time is perceived as compressed and seems to have “evaporated”. Experiencing something new should therefore lead to time passing more slowly.

According to this approach, my perception of time had been stretched since November and I had accumulated few new things. This was simply not the case. On the contrary, many new experiences have been made.

A Change of Work Is Exciting

Christmas tree

In December, I quit my job at Inter Medien Networks and started working for KATAPULT magazine, a magazine for cartography and social science, also based in Greifswald. If that sounds boring, you haven’t seen their magazine or social media posts yet 😉.

It was my first job change, so I was not yet familiar with the effort and pain of preparation and transition. At Inter Medien there were still some projects to be completed and handed over, while at KATAPULT I was already initiating new ones. Admittedly, my departure from Inter Medien Networks was a bumpy one, and I want to learn from that. I’m glad that I only worked part-time at both companies in December and that I’ve been working full-time at KATAPULT magazine since January. It is easier for me to concentrate on one job.

Arriving, Getting to Know People & Starting New Projects

I was looking for a young, dynamic team in my next employer. That is exactly what I found at KATAPULT. The same student spirit and desire to change the world, even though you are in a post-student phase of life.

The editorial team welcomed me with open arms, which I really appreciated. Right from the start, I was given my first project for issue 17, which was due to be published in December: a donation website. As there was no front-end developer yet, there was no design system. While working on the website, I started working on the KATAPULT Design System, which I have been maintaining ever since. Only the documentation is missing.

The best part of the project was the freedom to choose the technologies I considered suitable for frontend and backend. In the frontend modern JavaScript, CSS and HTML; in the backend Kirby. Mollie as payment provider.

KATAPULT plants a forest in 2020:

Starting Mid-January: Change of Office and More Autonomy

By mid-January, I felt familiar with the people and could remember all their names. The anxiety of the new job was gone, so I was “just” looking forward to the work. Another project was for Instagram – A Linktree Alternative from scratch. Since they currently have two websites, one for mobile and one for desktop, the Instagram bio could only have one link, which is cryptic. Developing a new website will be one of my main tasks. The current one is outdated, not eye-catching and difficult for editors to use.

This is what I love about my job: Being able to implement the idea for easily. Independent work is encouraged, and I accept it with gratitude.

As things are always changing at KATAPULT, I didn’t stay long in the old office. Unfortunately, there is a building site next to the office, so we get a lot of visitors, but we have to move out soon.

Angela Merkel KATAPULT
The Centre for Life Science and Plasma Technology is being built outside our office window. Because of this construction site, fans stormed our office on February 2 — including this woman. She brought along a whole truck full of people. Here editor-in-chief Benjamin Fredrich shows her the first KATAPULT book.


I still have the desire to move to a new city. However, the KATAPULT magazine here in Greifswald has given me a unique opportunity, which I have gladly taken up and will now enjoy.

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End of article. If you spot a typo or have thoughts about this article, feel free to write me. 🙆‍♂️

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