Kirby Plugins

Open Source (2021–present)

Even though I haven’t been designing websites entirely with Kirby for some time now, I still use the CMS – in the headless-first version. (Enhanced by my kirby-headless plugin).

For me, Kirby is more than just a simple and efficient layered casserole for designing tasty websites and customized administration interfaces. I have an emotional attachment to the system. How does that work?

Learning to Code With Kirby

My career change as a developer was largely encouraged by Kirby. Back in the days when I couldn’t code, I tried my hand at the usual suspects like WordPress to build my first website. But the complexity of these systems was too great for me to understand what was going on under the hood – what process cascades occur when a user accesses a website? How do I automatically serve images in different sizes? How do I set up interfaces?

I came across Kirby because it claims to be a lean and powerful system. Exactly what I was looking for: a clear structure with little ballast. The Kirby documentation and forum had the answers to my questions. I found enough code examples to realize my ideas and build my first website, including the admin area. I learned what was technically necessary for a website in a simple form.

The simplicity of the CMS allowed me to delve deeper into the system as my knowledge grew. As Kirby keeps its dependencies on other libraries as small as possible and has its own methods for processing data, I learned from the clear source code of Kirby itself.

Over time, Kirby grew, but so did my skills – so I can write plugins where I lack functionality. It’s funny that I still enjoy using it today. Thank you, Kirby!

A Selection of My Plugins


Open Source

  • kirbyup: 🆙 Official bundler for Kirby Panel plugins
  • kirby-headless: 🦭 Kirby, but headless only – bearer token, Express-esque middlewares & more
  • kirby-algolia-docsearch: 🔦 Index and search your Kirby site with Algolia DocSearch
  • kirby-serp-preview: 🔍 Kirby Panel plugin for search engine result page previews
  • kirby-punctuation-section: ✒️ Insert punctuation marks into your text with a single click
  • kirbylog: 🪃 Zero-dependency global kirbylog() helper for any content