Arbeitsbesuch Volkmar Kühn

Book (2017)

Rats- und Universitätsbuchhandlung Greifswald
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Photo by Uwe Steinbrück
Photo by Uwe Steinbrück

The pictorial marks a small milestone in my career: it’s the most comprehensive print product I’ve designed to date. Designing in Adobe InDesign – the transition from digital formats to printed media – was both challenging and educational as I delved into the depths of layout design and typography for the first time.

Volkmar Kühn’s Bond With Mildenfurth Monastery

Volkmar Kühn’s artistic work has been deeply interwoven with Mildenfurth Monastery for almost five decades. The Vogtländische Altertumsforschende Verein zu Hohenleuben e.V. (VAVH) has a long tradition of appreciating and exploring this special place, which is reflected in their dedicated collection of documents and drawings of the surviving buildings. This connection is highlighted in our book of photographs, which was published to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the artist’s birth.

The Sculpture Group “Encounter With an Uncertain Outcome”

On the occasion of the 75th birthday of the sculptor Volkmar Kühn, his work was honored with the edition of poetic photographs by the Erfurt photographer Uwe Steinbrück. Steinbrück photographed Kühn in his hortus conclusus, thus capturing a moment in the artistic creative process. The focus of these photographs is the work on the sculpture group “Begegnung mit ungewissem Ausgang” ("Encounter with an uncertain outcome") cast in bronze, which was designed and modeled in 2015–2016.

Volkmar Kühn – Sculptural Worlds of Images

From May 5 to July 30, 2017, the exhibition “Volkmar Kühn – Sculptural Visual Worlds” took place in the castle courtyard of the Thuringian State Museum Heidecksburg. The location of this exposition is closely connected with the artist’s origin from nearby Königsee and the open-mindedness for contemporary visual arts of the museum and the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt.

The Garden at Mildenfurth Monastery

Over the course of decades, Volkmar Kühn and his wife Marita Kühn-Leihbecher have created a unique garden complex at and around the Mildenfurth Monastery. Here, fine art in a variety of sculptural forms combines with sensitively designed nature, overshadowed by the over 800-year-old walls of the Premonstratensian monastery and framed by the fortress walls built after the Reformation.

Working Visits With Volkmar Kühn

The photo series “Working Visit: Volkmar Kühn” and “Garden of Eden: A Guest at Volkmar Kühn’s” were created on the artist's own initiative and document Kühn’s work in his studio and the close surroundings. They provide an insight into the artist's creative process and the garden, which was designed over decades of work. A special focus is on the portraits of the artist and the creative environment he created.


Hardback Edition: 116 Pages
Publishing Company: Druckhaus Gera
Edition: 1 (August 5th, 2017)
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3944919218