Arbeitsbesuch Marita Kühn-Leihbecher

Book (2019)

Marita Kühn-Leihbecher
Herzblatt (Collage)

Marita Kühn-Leihbecher is a renowned graphic artist known for her skills in the rarely used technique of graphic paper making. A special exhibition at the Museum Reichenfels-Hohenleuben and the accompanying illustrated book Arbeitsbesuch: Marita Kühn-Leihbecher, to mark her 75th birthday.

The special exhibition and illustrated book are an attempt to thank Marita Kühn-Leihbecher for her decades-long commitment to art and culture. She has worked tirelessly to preserve and develop culture as a source and foundation of individual and social identity.

The Illustrated Book

The illustrated book is a testimony to her artistic work and contains photographs by the Erfurt photographer Uwe Steinbrück, who documented the process of creating a scoop collage in the summer of 2018.

I was allowed to realize the design of the bound work.

Marita Kühn-Leihbecher’s Artwork

Kühn-Leihbecher has mastered the technique of graphic paper making and creates works in which she varies light, line and surface. Her works are not only artistic representations, but also an expression of her thoughts and ideas. Her works, which she calls scoop collages, vary in color in countless nuances and represent a magmatic embodiment of form and color.

Reflecting on her artistic journey and development, she emphasized that her handmade papers are the result of various experiments and the search for new forms of expression, and that harmony and clarity in her art are crucial to her.

Influence and Inspiration

Marita Kühn-Leihbecher is closely associated with Mildenfurth Abbey, where she has been working as an artist with her husband, the sculptor Volkmar Kühn, since 1990. This connection is visible in her artistic work as well as in her voluntary work. Since 1992 she has chaired the Art and Culture Committee of Mildenfurth Abbey and has often put her art on hold in favor of this voluntary work.