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NABU Gera-Greiz e.V.

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Founded as early as 1899 as the “Bund für Vogelschutz” (Federation for Bird Protection), the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU in short) is Germany's oldest nature conservation association. In addition to the national association, there are numerous district associations for each region of Germany. NABU Kreisverband Gera-Greiz e.V. was founded on 29 March 2004. Since its foundation, the association has been committed to nature conservation and environmental protection in the Greiz district and the city of Gera.

The first version of the public website dates back to the beginning of 2011. Over the years, as web standards were further developed and my skills in design and development grew, the layout of the website went through various iterations. The background of of this year's redesign was to appeal to younger generations through simplified and modern structures and to feel the website as natively embedded on mobile devices through the tidy structure.

For content management, the CMS Kirby is used, which can be perfectly adapted to the requirements and scope of each project due to its modularity and fluidity. The clear interface of the administration area is primarily optimized for editing articles, which makes it easier for editors to get started.

The website is created and maintained on a voluntary basis. Nature conservation is important — with this I would like to make a contribution to it.


In addition to HTML5 and CSS3, Vanilla JS is used to keep script dependencies to a minimum.

The CMS Kirby is used.