Poster, 2018 · Voluntary

From Country Life

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The theatre group Чайки (“Tschaiki”) of the Institute for Slavic Studies of the University of Greifswald performs plays in Russian several times a year. These are usually performed in the Literaturzentrum Koeppenhaus, with exceptions also in the Institute of Slavic Studies. The plays are preceded by an introduction in German and can be followed with German moderation even without knowledge of Russian.

In July 2018 Из дачной жизни ("Vom Landleben") was freely staged by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. The Russian writer, novelist and playwright is one of the most important authors in Russian literature with his typical neutral and reserved way of depicting aspects of the life and way of thinking of the people in the Russian province.

The adapted work respectively performance consisted of four individual pieces:

  • The Summer Guests (Дачники)
  • Summer resort (На даче)
  • The Diplomat (Дипломат)
  • The Tragic (from summer garden life) (Трагик поневоле)