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Aesculap-Apotheke Gera

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The Aesculap pharmacy in the Geras bacon belt is a pharmacy rich in tradition and managed by the second generation. Since its foundation at the end of the 1960s, it has dedicated itself to a holistic approach to health — the patient himself is at the centre of advice and care. Through competent and independent advice, individually suitable solutions are found. In addition, the pharmacy manufactures its own products such as handmade soaps and sells them locally.

In the course of the interior modernisation, since the rich assortment of high-quality medicines of orthodox and complementary medicine has also been presented attractively, a redesign of the website was indispensable in order to create the counterpart to the renovation.

The objective was an inviting user experience, so that the contours of the holistic approach are already tangible when the start page is called up. The general design of the website creates identity and consciously stands out from generic pharmacy websites, as the individualistic approach is to be reflected in an individual design.


In addition to HTML5 and CSS3, Vanilla JS is used to keep script dependencies to a minimum.

The CMS Kirby is used.