September 2019 Digest & Bookmarks

On the back of the castle Sanssouci of the Brandenburg capital Potsdam. The vineyards were beautiful to look at…

Oops, this post is now truly too late. Slowly I have to come up with other excuses than that there was no time to write. After all, I am the one who allocates the precious resource of time to myself. Anyway, there was so much going on — positive things included! — that I didn’t take the time to maintain my blog. Nevertheless, I always have it in the back of my mind. The time will come that I will publish more here again.

A New Chapter in Life Is Approaching: At the “Katapult-Magazin”!

Several times I have said in my blog that it was a long-awaited objective on my part to turn my back on this city. Originally I intended to move to Leipzig next year to start a new phase of my life there.

What I didn't suspect was that there was a wonderful chance here! Actually to be a developer for the Katapult magazine. 🤯🤗 The people I would have been looking for in Leipzig anyway can be found there: Interested, cosmopolitan people whose values I share and who want to make the world a better place. I already read the Katapult magazine with pleasure. I'm really looking forward to working there.

Until then there are still tasks in the company to be completed and everything to be handed over properly before I start at Katapult.

Excitement Before the Exhibition

Something else captured my attention in September: the preparation of the small exhibition at Café Koeppen Greifswald. It is a pleasure for me to exhibit there and I believe that my photos will be a small enrichment for the viewer (and especially for Greifswald enthusiasts).

This Friday (October 11th) the vernissage kicks off and I feel very excited because I have never done anything like that before.

The exhibition shows an unseen Greifswald and a city on a small scale. Photographs are shown whose motifs do not immediately reveal the place of origin. Anyone interested is welcome to discover for themselves where they were taken.

I would like to thank my friends because they supported me so actively in distributing posters and my girlfriend, who helped me choose the photos for the exhibition.

September Bookmarks

Useful Resource of the Month

This time centering around emails.

Email Love — Subscribeto is a directory of email newsletters, tagged and searchable. “All of the information is crowd-sourced; collated from directories and the community to help spread the word and share all the wonderful newsletters that are out in the world.”

email.subscribeto — It is still early days for Email Love but one day this website may become a quality resource for Email inspiration, templates and discovery.

Code Snippets & Projects

Web Design Eye Candy

HammerAlbrecht — … creates a branding reminiscent of apple trees, country air, and sheep-filled meadows.

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