July 2019 Digest & Bookmarks

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Panoramic view over the meadows onto the silhouette of Greifswald. Liberating or threatening – how does the photo affect you?

If I’ve set a record this month, it’s the few hours of sleep. Basically, I have been active for the whole month without interruption. And for the first time in years, I was away from my home computer for at least a week. It was nice to be active, but now I’m willing to take it easy again.

You can guess that I didn’t make any progress with my (still) πŸ“” monthly project of the children's book… But I will not stress myself. The right time for writing will come. This month was a month of action.

A Portion of All That Went Down

How the little house disappears in the glass gorge... As if it were, entwined by new transparent buildings, a foreign body that persists unperturbed in this place, although once all the surrounding buildings were the foreigners. But they now determine the face of this region. My favourite photo of the trip so far.

Right at the beginning of the month, a friend visited me over the weekend for an interview for a PhD position.

The following weekend my parents visited me. We spent valuable hours and unexpectedly got closer than expected.

The penultimate weekend we travelled to London. πŸ”– Read the blog entry here. A liberating experience to let work be and to concentrate exclusively on me. In the future, I would like to pay more attention to my work-life balance.
I want to give my best eight hours a day. Then drop the pen and grow personally throughout the rest of the day. Of course, I want to work on my own projects, too, after all, web design and web development is more than just a hobby.

Finally last weekend I visited my best friend and her husband. They showed me their little town and we used the weekend to bring us up to date.

Prospects of Rest

Since the last weeks were so crammed, I’m looking forward to the upcoming tranquillity. To simply take time for me. To let unscheduled weekends come my way.

July Bookmarks

Useful Resource of the Month

Degreeless.design β€” This is a list of everything Tregg Frank found useful in his journey of learning design and an ongoing list of things he thinks you should read. This is for budding UX, UI, Interaction, or whatever other title designers.

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