April 2019 Digest & Bookmarks

This month has been a pleasant one. Even though I had moments where I felt overwhelmed by what I still I thought I have to learn. (Anyone else who doesn’t use TypeScript at the moment?)

Everybody’s time is limited and one can only progress within the limits of one’s own possibilities. Everyone has an individually given, irrevocable pool of (mental/physical) power from which to draw one‘s strength.

I had to realize once again that it makes more sense to concentrate on one thing and do it thoroughly (even if this means just reading a blog posting) rather than to work on several things in parallel. Also, you don’t have to learn all the new shiny stuff or use every new tool that is trending. It’s more important to notice big shifts in the industry. Learn what appeals to you. Things constantly change — this shouldn’t be the cause of stress and anxiety for you.

A book cupboard in Bremen: whoever selects a book and takes it with him “pays” in the same currency — a book for a book.

Since the beginning of the year, I have set myself a feasible goal every month. This month to develop and establish a blog, including layout, code and a first post. There were even three.

Over Easter, I visited a good friend in Bremen, Germany, and thought more intensively about my near future.

I don’t know how many articles I will publish monthly. But the goal is at least one: the digest. Not only can I share interesting links in this format, but I also know later when I found which websites. I didn’t have this chronology in my bookmark list yet.

April Bookmarks

In this section, I categorize everything I find worth reading and worth exploring. One of my favourite findings was Ana’s blog. In fact, it was her blog that convinced me to actually start my own blog. Not to please, or to gain forced reach, but for myself.
I shamelessly adapted her approach to classify articles into tech-related and non-tech-related. 😇

Useful Resource of the Month

Beautiful, free resources from the world’s kindest creatives for your next presentation

UnDeck — Beautiful, free resources from the world's kindest creatives for your next presentation.

Code Snippets

Web Design Eye Candy

Website of Journal

Journal — Organize all your content and ideas together in one place. Write, save for later, research, and plan projects big and small.

Website of East of Borneo

East Of Borneo — East of Borneo is an online magazine of contemporary art and its history as considered from Los Angeles. They also publish books. Learn more about them.

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